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I attended the "Get Motivated" to get ripped off seminar in Lexington KY, October 2011. I too fell prey to Stephen Piece and one of his sidekicks, Corey someone, on achieving finance success through their affiliate marketing packages.

After these sales gurus, captivated my attention, they convinced me that I could become financially successful if I invested in one of their affiliate marketing training packages. I purchased the Platinum Package, that included unlimited LPG express (I think this is unlimited landing pages) for $6994. Yes, I "purchased" the package at a total cost of $6,994. They forbid you to use the words "purchase" and "cost". You are to refer to the process as "investing in yourself" - "investing in your education." The package I purchased consists of a box of seven CDs,, unlimited landing pages, and attendance at a two-day summit in Utah.

After I listened to one of the CDs, I had questions, so I attempted to contact someone for technical support. I was batted around several times, on several occasions, but was never able to reach anyone who had the expertise to respond to my questions, so I put the CD box aside and tried to ignore the fact been the victim of a $6,994 scam. It was $6,994 I did not have. Rather, I placed myself in debt to purchase this package of snake oil.

The sales receipt called the "Program, Product and Training Agreement" has all sorts of disclaimers on the reverse side of the sales receipt. Looking at this retrospectively, when a company has a full page of disclaimers on the reverse side of the sales receipt, the company likely has had many complaints, but has no intention of returning your money, should you not be satisfied with the package. But, of course, their focus is on getting you to sign the form and sending you on your way. They certainly are not going to sit down and explain that the package is a ripoff and that they have no intention of returning your money when you realize that you have been scammed.

As of May, 2012 they are now calling me again, asking me to reserve my spot and confirm my attendance - hotel stay, etc. at one of the upcoming summits in Utah. The upcoming one is in June. They even asked me if I have any food allergies, in case a meal might have food allergens. Of course, this is not an all-expenses-paid trip, they just want to make sure that you are locked in on attending. My speculation is that it is a sucker count, of sorts No doubt, they will be peddling some kind of coaching package there - probably to the tune of $10,000.

Anyway, that's my nightmare with Stephen Pierce and the rest of is snake oil peddlers. I am another victim of slick sales tactics, designed to swindle you. Recommend that you contact if you have been conned into giving this guy your money and then couldn't get any attention from him.

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You are too kind in describing this scam artist as a snake oil salesman.

In the days that they traveled around the wild west they at least gave you something for you money. This person gives you NOTHING and then refuses to give any refunds - at all.

Stay well clear folks and don't say that you were not warned. :(

Stephen Pierce International - Stephen Pierce Scam Makes no Real Money on the Internet

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I originally heard of stephen pierce shortly before attending his MRMI (make real money on the internet) in early april of 2011. After being laid off from my job and having spent a number of months trying to find a job, constantly hearing how "overqualified" I was, my savings account was nearly drained. The only thing at that point running out faster than money was my hope to recover financially.

I heard about this workshop on a website forum where I was searching desperately to find some opportunity to generate income. I figured that for a small investment it was worth 3 days of my time to at least check it out and possibly learn something about internet marketing.

The day before the event I was so discouraged that I didnt even want to attend, but my friend sharon who was my "free guest" was so excited I couldnt back out now. With a heavy heart I entered the sheraton hotel repeating to myself "just keep an open mind"

When stephen started talking I felt like he was talking right to me, like he knew exactly what I was going through. His words about changing perspective actually started to make a change. It was the first sign of hope that I had felt in months. He did explain some very basic things about how people make money online. By the end of the day I went home thinking that "tomorrow I will learn some great secret that would change my life forever". I had a hard time getting to sleep as I pondered all the wonderful ways of spending my new found internet riches.

The second day I started off ready to hang on his every word. As the day progressed, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for that final piece of the puzzle. As soon as I realized that this was all just a "teaser" and that the secrets were "to be sold not to be told" I was discouraged but I had already spent my internet millions so I held onto a glimmer of hope.

Finally when he gave the price of 2000 for the "silver package" and 5000 for the "gold" I quickly saw those champagne wishes and caviar dreams evaporate into the clouds...

Despite my feeling of defeat, I decided to attend the final day hoping to at least learn something I could use. despite my better judgement, I couldnt change sharons mind, she just HAD to do this... Neither of us had enough to put together for the silver package but it sounded so simple to just make some sites and sell them for quick cash we both were sure that it would pay for itself in just a few weeks. I made a phone call and convinced my sister to loan me the rest of the money. I wrote a check and we left towards home ready to make the money.

Quickly we learned how these "step by step" guides were at best "one small step" for a man like stephen, but a giant leap for the rest of mankind. After struggling for a few weeks in the program, eventually contacting customer service and requesting a refund the agent explained that we were just needed to keep at it. Long (depressing) story short... we were told that we were not due a refund even though the material was nothing like what we expected.

A few books and some websites with a mountain of stale information that I could find by using google, for $2000?!?! Although I abandoned any hope of getting a refund, and finally getting the courage to admit how *** I was, I only hope to prevent someone else from making my same mistake.

To this day, I cringe at the memory of the lady next to me that I overheard had cashed in her 401k (and i possibly life insurance too?) so that she could buy the program.

Stephen, if you read this... although I know you're probably busy spending the internet riches I dreamed of... You're a sad, sad, pitiful little man!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Sad to say your story is just too common and I do feel for you and your frustration.

Mr Google, Mr SaltyDroid and Ms CosmicConnie all have stories to tell that would make a glass eye cry. If you ask them I am certain that you will find not only that you are not alone - but that there are legal remedies available to you NOW.


Stephen Pierce International - Stephen Pierce scammed me for $20,000

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In March 2008, I purchased a program called the Product Creation Lab (PCL) from Stephen Pierce at a live event in Australia for a total of Aust$20,000 and so far, he has delivered only a minute fraction of the promised program and lots of stalling tactics and outright lies. This year, I began asking for a refund based on the clear gap between what was promised and what was delivered. No response at all so far.

Here is the whole sorry history. Don't let yourself get caught up in his excuses!

2008 – Purchased the program in March; in June I traveled to Stephen Pierce's home in Texas to work with him personally for 3 days on developing my product. However, I spoke with Stephen Pierce for no more than 5 minutes on just 2 occasions. After that I got a logo and an audio person added some music to the start and end of a few of my audio recordings.

2009–The company assigned someone named Marie to get my online business ready to launch made another logo. She quit, and I got Chipo who passed me off to Karol who sent some unpublishable junk.

2010– The staff repeatedly asked for information that I have already sent, then Chipo and Karole quit and the new team handed me off to Francis and Duane. I went through all this information again and resent all the previous documents. Francis admitted that my case had indeed been mishandled.

2011– Francis left the company and Todd took over. Later that year, Francis, Todd, and Duane left the company and the staff downsized to almost nothing. I couldn't get anyone to answer the phone. Finally got through to Stephen Pierce personally (, after posting negative comments on one of his web pages. In July he too began failing to meet promised deadlines for an inferior replacement product. By December I gave up on him ever delivering anything so I started asking for a refund.

I have been begging these surfs for service for almost FOUR YEARS so here I am going public everywhere I can.

My story is also headed for the US regulatory authorities, relevant enforcement agencies and anywhere that Stephen Pierce ever plans on speaking in public.

Clearly, I have paid for something that I have not received, nor have I now any reasonable expectation of ever receiving it. Over this time, I have experienced constant emotional stress due to the uncertainty and the doubts over whether my internet business would ever come to life, and whether or not I would receive any outcome from the significant financial investment that I made. This emotional stress and anxiety has taken a heavy toll on my physical health.

That's my story in abbreviated format. If you have any thoughts of every getting involved with ANY product offered by Stephen Pierce, think long and hard before you do – and pay only for what you receive WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT!

After four years I have had it up to here! I have arranged legal representation to recover both costs and damages. If you have a similar story to mine feel free to contact me at as you may be able to join my campaign. My attorney may be able to accept more claimants.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #806976

I used to work for this serf. You are one of many he scammed.

I think he will never be able to work in this industry again, but folks just don't do their research until it is too late! :cry

Stephen Pierce International - Stephen Pierce Failed to Deliver the Service Promised

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After several years of struggling to make his system work, I wrote to complain of the quality of service and product that I received from Stephen Pierce company and from Stephen Pierce personally. I had purchased a product called the Product Creation Laboratory at a seminar. Me and others paid $20K for the opportunity to spend 3 days with Stephen Pierce in his home and he would create a product for us with a long list of services. He barely show up for the 3 days I was there. He certainly never gave us any attention and he also didn't create my product. I sat alone in a converted garage wondering what I had got into and created the product myself because he had my money.

In fact, I did not receive most of the services I paid for. The services that I DID RECEIVE WERE SHOCKINGLY SUBSTANDARD AND HAD TO BE RECREATED.

I no longer have any faith in Stephen Pierce intention to deliver on his sales pitch (which was the best part of this deal). He can sell. I have been asking for a refund for a year now. His attorney stalls and stalls me and everyone else. I want everyone to know about this company and how they made promises to a lot of people and then failed to give the service he promised.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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If Stephen Pierce didn't deliver what he promised, you should contact attorney Alan J. Rosenberg right away.

Rosenberg's preparing a lawsuit against Pierce, and his firm, Chamblee, Ryan, Kershaw & Anderson, P.C., has agreed to work on a contingency basis. You can call them at 888-905-2003 or email arosenberg (at) for details.

Stephen Pierce International - Stephen Pierce Incorporated is an Internet Ripoff, Takes Money and Won't Stop Debiting My Account

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My husband and I attended the "Get Motivated" seminar where we were first exposed to Stephen Pierce and his business model of how to make money online basically teaching us how to market products and create website traffic. We were intrigued so we went to a follow-up seminar that he offered and found out that the cheaper way to find out more information was to sign up for a monthly membership that costs $39.97 per month.

My husband started building his business and creating websites, generating traffic and quickly learned everything Stephen Pierce had to offer, mainly that it was a complete ripoff and that he no longer wanted to recieve the "monthly training".

My husband requested via email, as we were told to, to cancel the membership and discontinue debiting our account. We recieved an email saying that the membership was cancelled and that we would no longer be debited. BUT after 3 more transactions went through, and we had contacted Craig Petti (the contact for Stephen Pierce) 3 MORE TIMES ABOUT THIS, we finally filed a complaint with our bank and decided to fight the transactions since they were technically unauthorized.

Today on Jan 3, 2012. I have sent yet another email disputing the transaction. Not likely getting a response as we didn't get one from last month's email requesting a refund.

Since we started the membership we have had nothing but problems. It is impossible to receive a response. There are no phone numbers that work and get you to anyone helpful.

Do not waste your time with this company the benefits do not outweigh the trouble and there are many other companies that offer better service and more information for a lower cost that would benefit your business so much more.

Do not waste your time or money with this one

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Craig Pettit just takes his check and goes home. Your best bet is to contact Get Motivated.

they have other complaints! That little store front Stephen Pierce uses does have a phone 972-548-2555. Stephen Pierce mobile is 254-205-1925 and Craig Pettit # is 972-342-7605. Post this story everywhere you can and it will expose him to others.

He's been doing this for years. Be glad you only lost a few bucks.

Some people lost $20,000! Read about those poor blokes at

Stephen Pierce International - Stephen Pierce Affiliate Program


I believe that Stephen Pierce is a *** man, at the least he is a dishonest businessman and I will avoid him in the future.

I have been a Stephen Pierce affiliate since January of 2010 and each month made a few hundreds to a thousand dollar in commissions. But for the last 10 months, he has refused to pay me the entire amount owed.

I sent him all the paperwork several times and even showed him my Stephen Pierce Affiliate PayPal account and he still makes excuses. From May 2011 to present I have been contacting him every week or every day and have talked to everybody at his office and his attorney too. I get excuses after excuses or no response at all.

I don't know why Stephen Pierce don't want to pay his affiliates. Is there any means of getting them to pay my commissions?! Please contact me if you have the same problem. I guess I will have to sue him.

The rest of you be warned about Stephen Pierce Affiliate Programs

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I worked for Stephen Pierce and he does not pay his affiliates on time or the fair amount. I had to beg to get any of them paid.

Your calls are a waste of time. One guy came into the office and sat there until he got his money. Another one is suing Stephen Pierce in Small Claims Court. good for him.

You do that too. javascript:ac_smilie(':(')


@So Sad - what are you talking about? how does not paying affiliates have anything to do with being a jealous ex employee?

and what employee in their right mind would be jealous, jealous of what exactly? maybe you should read the post before making a *** comment

stephen doesnt pay his affiliates - that is the issue - as an affiliate you spend money and time promoting something and you dont get paid - i would be furious and warn people to not spend their time or money on this dude - yes, he needs to be sued its legally your money - he loves to brag about his "riches" now we know how he gets its, not paying others what they are owed


That is crazy. You know your affiliates are important so you don't pay them.

What an ***. This is why he has such a bad BBB rating. He finally paid me after I complained to the Texas BBB - so make sure you do that.

He didn't pay me in full, but he paid me enough to walk away. (So sad - weird - this has nothing to do with employment - read it)

to Not a Stephen Pierce Fan #806742

This would be why he has been banned from doing business in TX and has had to start his scams again in CA.

A scammer of the highest order. Do business at your own risk. :(

to Angry Ant Dallas, Texas, United States #806977

He started up again in California? Canada?

to Faye DiMarco #806986

Yes, he's now operating from 5121 Roscrea Ave, San Diego, CA 92117, United States (California) under the "Success Sculpting" scam.



You sound like a jealous ex employee.

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